Where are them rules?

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Where are them rules?

Post  GN on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:58 am

Okei doki i've looked through forums for awhile and no where have i found rules, i mean if i layed it out would be like this :

Official rules:
Chat Related Offenses:
Excessive Profanity.
Advertising other Servers.
Staff team Impersonation.
Cyber-Bullying, Insults, Flaming, Trolling.
Racism, Nazism, Sexism, or any other prejudice.
No discussion of illegal, or otherwise profane topics.
Gibberish/Spamming, Chat flooding (Less than 4 seconds between messages), or Double posting.
Action Related Offenses:
Safe Spotting.
Luring Over Yell. etc.
If there isnt yell etc, i wouldnt know i cant get IG yet

~regards tom~


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