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Skoal Mining Service

Post  Max on Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:30 pm

[SIZE="7"]Skoal Mint'y Mining Service[/SIZE]

For this skill i own the Kminer bot auth. i am always botting my account so i will be able to bot yours with breaks.

I am not responsible for any bans that may come... however ive suicide botted with this script and you should be fine.

I know i am to the community but i would like an opportunity to prove myself.

Now payments can be in Pins or preferably runescape gold... So you dont need a credit card..

1-30 1 pin or 1 mil which why would you ask me to do this?
30-60 3m Gold/2 pins
60-75 5m Gold/
75-80 10m Gold
80-85 15m Gold
85-90 25m Gold
90-99 50m Gold

[SIZE="7"]Just right down what levels you want me to level and ill leave your MSN so i can Contact you![/SIZE]


1. You will not change your password and claim that I have stolen your account..
2. You will be able to log onto your account to play if you message me. on my msn.
3. Your payment will be given to me first, no exceptions.
4. You will vouch.

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